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Food, Emotion and Memory are deeply intertwined. It started when we think of the best memory in our childhood, many of them are connected to Northern Vietnamese food (where we were born) and how it made us feel. It would be a big steaming bowl of PHO, where a fabulous mélange of flavors, textures and culture is perfectly blended. It would be an odd sounding combination of a crispy, crusty BANH MI smeared with pate, home-made mayo sauce and variety of fresh herbs and greens. It would be a savory and fresh flavors of BUN CHA HA NOI where juicy, mouth-watering charcoal grilled pork pieces dipping in perfectly balanced sweet & sour sauce with some sliced pickled carrot & green papaya and a heaping pile of all sort of greens. It would be deep layers flavor of beefy, spicy BUN BO HUE broth accompanied by sliced brisket, rare beef steak slices, topped with a quick tangy squeeze of lime, sprouts and some basils. And much more…

The tastes, the smells… they alI come flooding back!!!

We are filled with gratitude that we have an opportunity to show you our vivid childhood “Food, Emotion and Memory” in such a tangible way, at PHO FRESH.

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We believe that great dishes always come from loving care. Everyday, we commit to serve you – our beloved clients from the best local ingredients to FRESH, FAST, FLAVOR & HEALTHY foods that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

With us, our food philosophy is as simple as “Little things make a big difference”